Stigma Stomper

Stigma Stomper

Some moles are invading the forest and captured a lot of birds. Birds are cute and therefore shouldn’t be captured. Your duty is to stomp the no-good mole army into submission.

What is it?

A semi-casual arcade game. You have to stomp the moles carefully or you’ll eventually be overrun and have your stress meter fill up – and we all know how unpleasant that can be.

How to Play

All of the moles have defenses that will get in your way, but some take patience or good timing to overcome. Also be careful not to waste your rescued birds without damaging the boss.



Left Click Stomp
Left Click while holding Space Start Game


Left Click Stomp
Left Click while holding Space Fire rescued birds
Esc Exit to Menu

More Info

Made for a mental health awareness group in Durham (Greater Toronto Area) known as TAMI.

Made with Flixel 2.55 and FlashDevelop.