Platform Swapstorm

Platform Swapstorm

Ganymede has been swallowed by the Behemoth. Now, a hapless cat and his doppelgänger are trying to escape the stream of debris left over.

What is it?

An action platformer. The cat and doppelgänger must carefully balance the tumbling platforms. If they collide with each other the universe will be inverted – use this to your advantage.

How to Play

Different materials have different masses. Try to land on your target platforms at the same time to minimize the movement of the platforms. If a gap is too big, you have to collide and swap places to get across.



Select Arrows
Confirm / Continue Space
Cycle Palettes PageUp / PageDown
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mode P (Toggle on/off)


Return to Menu Space

Single Player

Move ← → or A D
Jump (from Above) ↑ or W
Jump (from Below) ↓ or S


Cat Doppelgänger
Move A D ← →
Jump W or S ↑ or ↓

Single Player Pro-tip: Use ← ↓ → and W, or A S D and ↑.

More Info

By Steven Circuiton and Colin Marjoram.

Original Prototype made at Toronto Game Jam 6 (May 2011) in under 3 days.

Made with Flixel 2.5 and FlashDevelop. Shout-outs to the purveyors of these fine implements, yo.